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Story Circle Action Guide

A Story Circle is a gathering where people come together to share personal stories that revolve around a common theme. It’s a tradition that originated with native cultures and has been adopted by various groups for many purposes.

In a Story Circle, each person takes turns sharing their story, creating a narrative that sheds light on individual and shared experiences. The process encourages empathy, active listening, and cultural humility. It can even promote healing.

Story Groups can have various atmospheres, ranging from lighthearted to deeply emotional, depending on the group’s intentions and goals. They can be used in different settings, like standalone events, or as a regular activity to foster dialog and connection between people.

During a meeting, a facilitator may start by sharing their own story. There are no interruptions, questions, or criticisms while someone tells their story. After each narrative, participants might take a moment to reflect on the story.

At the end of the session, participants discuss the shared stories, looking for common themes, notable differences, and the emotions evoked by the narratives. This reflection can lead to a deeper understanding of the collective experience and even inspire action within the community.

To sum it up, a Story Circle provides a safe space for individuals to connect deeply through the power of personal storytelling.

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