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Choosing the right storyteller is trickier than picking a font for your newsletter.
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You’ve decided to hire a storyteller for your big event. Congratulations, you’re about to inject some wonder and whimsy into your guests’ lives. But choosing the right storyteller is trickier than picking a font for your newsletter. Get it wrong, and you’ll end up with a dud who puts the crowd to sleep. Choose wisely, though, and you’ll be rewarded with belly laughs, misty eyes, and memories that last long after the final farewell. The key is to find a teller who fits your purpose, captivates your audience, and brings the right magic to your venue. Do that, and your event will be the talk of the town for years to come.

Finding A Storyteller Who Aligns with Your Needs

Finding a great storyteller for your event is a bit like dating: you have to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince(ss). But with some strategic searching, you can weed out the warty amphibians and zero in on talent that will make your event hop. Here are my suggestions:

Look for storytellers who specialize in your type of event.

If it’s a corporate gig, find someone who regularly spins yarns for businesses. For kids’ parties, locate tellers with experience in captivating little tykes. And for general audiences, find an all-purpose storyteller comfortable with a range of ages and interests. Assess how well the teller draws in an audience, holds attention, and inspires reactions. See if their stories match the purpose and audience for your event.

Scrutinize their style and expertise.

Do they lean more toward the comedic or dramatic? Folktales or personal stories? Make sure their strengths align with your event’s purpose and audience. If you want tales to motivate sales teams or spotlight company culture, look for tellers versed in business storytelling. Research tellers, read reviews, and watch video clips.

Don’t be dazzled by credentials alone.

While awards and media appearances are nice, check out reviews from clients like yourself. Look for comments attesting that the teller engaged audiences, matched the event’s tone, and was easy to work with.

Interview your top storyteller choices.

Interview tellers, and don’t be shy; ask for a video or see them in action. See how they engage an audience, if their style fits your event’s tone, and if they’ve worked similar gigs. Discuss their experience, material, and comfort with your audience size and age range. Discuss your goals, audience, and venue to determine if a teller is a good fit. Ask about their approach and experience. See if their personality meshes with your intentions. A 30-minute call can reveal more than a slick website.

Negotiate the details.

Come prepared to discuss fees, equipment needs, content, and length of performance. For the best experience, look for tellers willing to tailor stories to your themes. But don’t insist on approving content word-for-word. Talent needs creative freedom.

Don’t forget the venue.

A teller who can work a microphone and fill an auditorium won’t do for a cozy cafe. And some tellers incorporate props, music, or audience participation, so make sure your venue can accommodate their needs.

With the right storyteller in place, your event will live happily ever after! Just remember, find someone who fits your particular purpose and audience as snugly as the glass slipper fit Cinderella. The results will be pure fairy-tale. But the right storyteller is only half the equation. There are things you, too, must do to ensure a successful event.

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Find a storyteller who aligns with your needs.
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First Things First: Define Your Event’s Purpose

Entertain or Educate?

First, decide if you want to delight, inform, or motivate your audience. An entertainer will spin fanciful yarns to captivate listeners, while an educator will engagingly share knowledge. For a company party, go for entertainment. For professional development, an educator with subject expertise is essential.

Know Your Crowd

You need to know your audience inside and out to find the right storyteller. Think about your attendees: how many do you expect? What are their ages and backgrounds? What are their values, and what do they have in common? Your storyteller should speak to the values of your audience. Otherwise, there’s a disconnect — the audience won’t be receptive to the message. Make sure the storyteller’s content and style match your audience’s sensibilities.

Evaluate your venue’s capacity, lighting, and acoustics.
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Size Matters

Size matters. Will a solo teller work for an intimate gathering of 20, or do you need a teller for a team of 2,000? Consider your venue. An intimate space requires a teller who makes eye contact. A big room needs someone dynamic, with a booming voice and energetic presence. Check if the teller has experience in similar venues.

Evaluate Your Venue’s Capacity, Lighting, And Acoustics

What good is the world’s most enchanting yarn if nobody can hear or see it? Evaluate your venue for challenging aspects that could turn an engaging experience into a logistical nightmare. By evaluating the venue in advance and choosing a storyteller well-suited to the space, you’ll set the stage for a memorable performance that delights every guest. After all, in any show, the venue itself is one of the players. Make sure it’s ready for its part!


How many guests are you expecting? Make sure any storyteller you consider has experience captivating crowds of a similar size. A cozy gathering calls for an intimate, conversational style, while a big hall demands charisma and vocal projection that can reach the nosebleed section. Don’t underestimate the impact of sheer numbers on a performance: an enthralling show for 50 can fall flat for 500 without some adjustments.


Unless your storyteller plans to weave their tale through interpretive dance alone, they’ll need adequate lighting to, you know, see their audience. And your guests will want to see more than a disembodied voice. Ensure that any spotlights or ambient lighting can be focused on the performance area. Shadows and harsh, uneven lighting are the enemies of an engaging show.


Size and lighting mean nothing if your sound system is subpar or (gasp!) nonexistent. Test the acoustics beforehand to determine if microphones, amplifiers, or other gear will be needed. Echoes, muffled sound, and audio feedback are surefire ways to lose an audience’s attention. When interviewing potential storytellers, provide details about the venue’s sound setup and any available A/V equipment. An experienced teller will know the right questions to ask to ensure crystal-clear acoustics.

Your Efforts Will Pay Off

Finding the right storyteller is worth the effort. With a perfect match, your teller will capture imaginations, evoke emotions and make your event memorable. But choose poorly, and your audience may cringe, snooze, or head for the exits. Put in the legwork, and you’ll be rewarded with a teller who leaves your crowd smiling, inspired, or both.

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That’s All, Folks!

So there you have it. Follow these tips to find a storyteller tailored to your event, and you’ll be well on your way to giving your audience an unforgettable experience. Don’t settle for any old tale spinner – get out there and hunt down a storyteller with passion, charisma, and the chops to work a crowd. The right storyteller will have your attendees laughing, crying, and connecting with complete strangers by the end of the night. What are you waiting for? The storytellers aren’t going to hire themselves. Get booking! The perfect story awaits.